Mexico: Suspects of Mormon family killings arrested

Authorities share no details about suspects on their identities, links to murders or their exact number


Mexican authorities announced Sunday the arrest of several suspects involved in the killing of nine members of a Mormon family early November.

The suspects were arrested in a joint operation Sunday of the armed forces, police and intelligence agents, the Office of Attorney General said in a statement.

Last month, another suspect living in Mexico City was arrested over the same charge, it added.

The office gave no details about the suspects on their identities, links to the killings or their exact number.

Early November, three women and six children belonging to a Mormon family were killed in the northwestern Sonora state by drug cartels.

Since the presidency last December, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has struggled to articulate a coherent fighting strategy against criminal groups, as they continue to maintain a strong and lethal grip over the Central American country.

Mexico has long been besieged by deadly violence with drug cartels and criminal gangs fighting for control of territories.

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