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From 'imminent threat' to 'deterrence'. The US shifts its narrative to justify the killing of a top Iranian general, now saying it was part of a bigger strategy. But does the Trump administration have a coherent policy on Iran? And where will it lead?
The tense standoff between the United States and Iran continues, following the assassination of Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani, in Iraq, earlier this month. Iran retaliated by striking a US military base in Iraq. While both sides seem to have stepped back from the brink of direct of confrontation, they face mounting criticism at home over their handling of the situation. Last week, US President Donald Trump justified his decision to order the killing of Iran's top general, claiming that Soleimani posed an "imminent threat" to US embassies in the region. Trump also introduced a new set of sanctions against Tehran. But his administration has yet to present any concrete evidence to support the claim that Soleimani posed an imminent threat to the US. Democrats, and some Republicans in Congress, have sharply criticized the Trump administration's handling of the issue. Amid the fallout, the Democratic-majority US House of Representative passed a bill limiting the US President's authority to use military force against Iran. Three Republicans voted in favor of the bill. And on Monday, the Trump's administration's initital narrative shifted again, from "imminent threat" to "deterrence and self-defense"
So as Iran and the US continue to weigh their options, what are the broader implications for the region? And does the US have a coherent strategy? Guests: Thomas Pickering
Former US Under Secretary of State Seyed Mohammad Marandi
Professor of English Literature, University of Tehran Ali Vaez
Iran Project Director, International Crisis Group Matthew Kroenig
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