Syria, the Backstage – Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with efforts made by Obama’s advisors to keep the President on “the right side of history”, by supporting the opposition against Assad. As Washington watches the atrocities committed by Assad, Syria descends into chaos. We hear the stories of Syrian orphans telling us their heartbreaking stories under the barrel bombs. General David Petraeus tells us about a military plan he devised to end the conflict that fell on deaf ears in Washington. We learn of the CIA’s attempts to train and equip rebels, which fail miserably. Washington and Moscow are embroiled in their own war of diplomacy, unable to reach a resolution. Officials from both countries meet in Geneva and agree to a transitional governing body. The deal would put the opposition in charge of overseeing elections, and put the country on the path to democracy. The United Nations decides to sponsor another attempt. But Obama’s Ambassador to Syria sent to build bridges between Damascus and Washington, decides to give up. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit our website: #TrtWorld #WorldNews #news


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