COVID-19: The US Response | Bigger Than Five

The coronavirus pandemic is taking lives, jobs and challenging governments worldwide. In the US, it was a delayed fight for containment. With all 50 states now reporting cases of COVID-19, federal and local governments are scrambling, preparing for the worst. President Trump says he’s at war. Could we have seen this coming? And could this new invisible threat change the world as we know it? Guests: Dr. Tom Frieden- Former Director of the US Centers for Disease Control (2009-2017) & President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives Mike Leavitt- Former Director of Health and Human Services (2005-2009) & Former Governor of Utah (1993-2003) Dr. Elias Zerhouni- Former Director of the US National Institutes of Health (2002-2008) & Former Head of Global Research and Development at Sanofi Tags: coronavirus, COVID-19, President Trump, Pandemic, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, Jim Mangia, #BiggerThanFive Subscribe:
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