Biden unveils economic plan to spur American manufacturing

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden unveiled the first major plank of his economic agenda Thursday, detailing a moderate proposal to use government purchasing to spur manufacturing in sectors such as clean energy, infrastructure and health care.
The former vice president delivered a speech outside his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, as he launched what his campaign is calling its "build back better" agenda, which Biden said would pump federal dollars into purchasing and research and development "in a way not seen since the Great Depression and World War II."
Other planks his campaign said will be detailed in the coming weeks include clean energy, the "caregiving economy," such as child-care and domestic workers, and racial equity.
"Throughout this crisis, Donald Trump has been almost singularly focused on the stock market — the Dow and the Nasdaq. Not you and not your families," Biden said. "If I am fortunate enough to be your president, I'll be laser-focused on working families, middle-class families like I came from here in Scranton, not the wealthy investor class. They don't need me; working families do." #Bidfen #CNN #News


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