Are JLo and Ben Affleck headed for married bliss?

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck going to be Bennifer 2.0 forever? Has Britney Spears gotten “Lucky” with her engagement to Sam Asghari or is the relationship “Toxic”? In this episode of “Pop Off,” CNN entertainment reporter Lisa Respers France discusses the celebrity couples who are taking their summer romances into fall. She also talks to the stars of Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show,” Billy Crudup and Hasan Minhaj. And for all the Lambs out there: we pop back to the #JusticeforGlitter movement, remembering Mariah Carey’s infamous “Glitter” 20 years after the movie and soundtrack released. Watch “Pop Off" with Lisa for a sassy, no-nonsense take on entertainment and real life's biggest issues every Saturday on CNN’s YouTube channel.

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