Candace Owens FAT SHAMES Meghan Mccain. Dan Crenshaw pushes for ENDLESS WARS. NO CHARGES for Cuomo

Police in Denver have launched a "large-scale" investigation into what authorities have described as a "killing spree" on Monday that left four people dead and three others, including a police officer, injured. Rep. Dan Crenshaw said anyone who opposes endless wars is a ‘friggin’ idiot.’ Candace Owens fat-shamed Meghan McCain on Twitter over the COVID-19 vaccine. Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not face criminal charges in connection with two of the harassment allegations against him. Peter Navarro appeared to complain that Capitol rioters on January 6 ruined his and Steve Bannon’s plans to overturn the 2020 general election — a plan they already had “over 100 congressmen committed to.” Candace Owens told her fans to take a quack cure that turns people's skin blue. Dr. Oz and his wife got a call from Olivia Nuzzi of The New Yorker, and they freaked out . . . with Olivia still listening on the phone. Patricia Morgan, a Rhode Island lawmaker who sponsored an anti-CRT bill, whined that her black friend no longer likes her. A Venezuelan man has sued Fox News and Sidney Powell over conspiracy theories. The CDC’s latest vaccination campaign hinges on the fear of high medical bills. Join Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Sen. Nina Turner, and Dr. Rashad Richey as they discuss their favorite and least favorite people of 2021. Be The Change
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