4 Steps to Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by credit card debt, you’re not alone. As of November, US banks held over $754 billion in outstanding credit card debt on their balance sheets. FULL ARTICLE: https://cnn.it/3JA6RLF It often feels easier to avoid thinking about your credit card debt. It can be overwhelming. But if you have an idea about how you’re going to pay it off, even in the long run, it’ll be easier to deal with and less of a burden. And believe it or not, you can create a plan to pay off your debt with just four steps. Disclaimer: Content is solely created by CNN Underscored and its team of style-obsessed, health-focused, travel-hacking, product-testing, tech-savvy editors who work independently from the CNN newsroom. When you make a purchase, CNN may earn an affiliate commission. #CNN #CNNUnderscored #Underscored


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