TYT LIVE: Ted Cruz DEBASES himself. Pelosi’s TONE DEAF J6 commemoration. Ingraham TURNS on Cheney

MAGA rally goers at West Palm Beach waited for Trump, but he never showed up. Three in four voters support banning lawmakers from trading stocks. The president of Kazakhstan gave a shoot-to-kill order against protesters. A conservative media critic published a column on Friday despicably accusing Rep. Jamie Raskin of “milking” his son’s suicide. From his hospital bed, Steve Bannon’s ‘Real America Voice’ field correspondent Ben Bergquam blames Biden for not holding China accountable for the “China Virus,” BLM and Antifa. Ted Cruz accidentally and accurately called Jan 6th MAGAs terrorists but got blowback from hateful conservatives. Laura Ingraham suddenly went after Dick Cheney and the Bush presidency over him showing up to the Capitol on Jan 6th anniversary. Kristen Welker asked Jen Psaki what things Biden can do to unify w/Republicans, based on their opposition to any mention of Jan 6th. Penn Law rebuked a professor who said the US would be 'better off with fewer Asians.' Current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi have bought options worth millions in technology stocks, according to the New York Post. These include Alphabet Class A Inc., The Walt Disney Co., Roblox Corp., salesforce.com, inc., and Micron Technology, Inc. Be The Change http://TYT.com/Change
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