TYT LIVE: Ex Trump Aide a SECRET MARXIST? Voters CHALLENGE Cawthorn. Alex Jones’ supplement GRIFT

President Biden will endorse changing the Senate filibuster for voting rights legislation. Many politicians traded stocks more than ever before, beat the S&P 500 by a lot, and made numerous unusually timed trades, resulting in huge gains. Larry Kudlow approvingly quoted Jacobin magazine on Fox News. Months after the pipeline company Enbridge announced it had finished its Line 3 pipeline, hundreds of the project’s opponents have pending court cases for arrests made at protests during last year’s construction. A group of North Carolina voters told state officials on Monday that they want Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn to be disqualified as a congressional candidate, citing his involvement in the 6 January attack on the Capitol. Biden told insurance companies to cover 8 at-home COVID tests a month. A new lawsuit is accusing 16 major universities, including Yale and Northwestern, of illegally collaborating to limit students' financial aid. Alex Jones raked in $165 million over three years selling supplements and prepper gear. The University of Maryland School of Medicine has performed the world's first successful animal-to-human heart transplant with a pig heart, reporting the recipient is doing well days later. Sarah Palin said liberals like AOC want to ‘pound, pound, pound’ sex into people’s heads. Be The Change http://TYT.com/Change
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