Live : Biden Cheney 2024? Fauci and Rand Paul FIGHT again! PATENT FREE vaccines! MTG THREATENS Dems.

As the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that he was ordering a review of a planned 15% hike in the Medicare Part B premium for 2022, healthcare reform advocates stressed the need for Congress to pass a Build Back Better bill with a provision allowing the federal government to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. Corbevax is targeting low-income countries to stop new COVID variants from emerging. Scientists say rich countries are still refusing to fund it. Two absolutely insane op-ed pieces on the same day: Hillary Clinton 2024 Election Comeback and Biden-Cheney 2024. In an interview with OAN, Trump reiterates that he took the booster, and even takes shots on Ron DeSantis. Unionized Buffalo Starbucks workers strike over unsafe conditions. Bernie Sanders congratulated Starbucks workers who are now organizing union shops across the country in NY, AZ, MA, WA, TN, CO, OR and OH. Fauci fired back at Rand Paul, accusing him of using attacks for ‘political gain.’ “I hate to use this language,” Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested that it's time to use 'second amendment' on Democrats. The BBC said it would interview flat-earthers to be impartial. Trump’s endorsement for the AK Senate describes how her imaginary friend brought her closer to God. Be The Change
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