OVERHYPED “Twitter Files”REVEALED.Trump Calls To SUSPEND Constitution.Walker CLUELESS About OWN Race

Journalist Matt Taibbi released a Twitter thread revealing information given by Elon Musk. Donald Trump is calling for The United States to terminate The Constitution. Elon Musk has accused Twitter's former personnel of favoring left-wing candidates. 45,000 North Carolina citizens are without power after local gunfire. Older homeowners are dominating the housing market. An anti-semite had the most ridiculous response to Ana Kasparian’s comments about Ye. After many protests, Iran has supposedly abolished the morality police. Herschel Walker says he feels like “ a dirty old man” for watching children’s television. Nick Fuentes launches an In-N-Out soda into a crowd. A mother was concerned for her son when he saw a sex scene on a flight. Be The Change http://TYT.com/Change
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