Written by Efe Teksoy, an extraordinary love tale “Marry Me”



Cinema Writer/Film Critic Efe TEKSOY; wrote the romantic and comedy film “MARRY ME” for America’s Los Angeles based Internet Newspaper @alaturkanews.


Coming to the big screen in collaboration with Universal Pictures and Perfect World Pictures, Marry Me is an entertaining romantic-comedy starring world-famous superstar Jennifer Lopez and Oscar-nominated American actor Owen Wilson. The production, which is about the extraordinary and entertaining story of two strangers who got married suddenly; Based on the Keenspot webcomic-graphic novel series of the same name by Bobby Crosby and Remy “Eisu Mokhtar. Also in the production is Grammy-winning Global Latin music star Maluma, who also accompanies the film with his original songs. Another detail is that Jennifer Lopez is making an album for a movie for the first time and performing her own music in a movie for the first time. Each song composed has an emotional depth and a purpose within the story that contributes to the journeys of the characters. In this sense, the work of music supervisor Robin Urdang and legendary composer John Debney elevate the film’s soundtrack to the pinnacle of classic romantic comedy songs. To create the memorable performances in the film, it was choreographed by Tabitha Dumo (who also worked in a similar capacity at Lopez’s 2020 Super Bowl Halftime concert) who has been Lopez’s creative director and choreographer for over a decade. And the impressive concert stages were made with the support and participation of many of Lopez’s own top dancers.The movie Marry Me criticizes today’s world, where social media changes the perceptions of likes with the concepts of followers and sharing, and turns beauty norms upside down and virtualizes everything. It tells the audience that two people from different worlds, who are looking for true love, create a common bridge between them thanks to love and look at the world from a completely different window.



Music superstars Kat Valdez (Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) are getting married in a ceremony that will be broadcast on social media as they new hit single “Marry Me” is topping the charts. Divorced high school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Wilson) is forcibly taken to the concert by his daughter and best friend Parker. When Kat learns that Bastian cheated on her before the ceremony, her life changes after a nervous breakdown on stage and she makes the crazy decision to marry Charlie, the first person she sees in the crowd

Stars; Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Maluma, John Bradley, Sarah Silverman, Chloe Coleman, Michelle Buteau, Khalil Middleton, Kat Cunning, Taliyah Whitaker, Diego Lucano and Scarlett Earls.



To ensure that Kat Valdez’s stage performances are as original as Jennifer Lopez’s massive concerts, German cinematographer Florian Ballhaus turned to the team Lopez used for his own stage shows. Ballhaus says: “We reached out to the whole team to make those performances feel as real as possible. Light, choreographers, designers. They showed us how to light the stage like his. We couldn’t have done it ourselves.” When the concert scenes were completed, the producers worked to create the stark contrast between Kat Valdez’s glittering world and the more realistic life of Charlie Gilbert’s character. At this point, for the multimedia part, it has been shown that the character of Kat is constantly watched and recorded to show that she has an artificial world, and also using too much of her images to convey the sense of mix media, that everything is observed and that it is not as natural as Charlie’s world. Older anamorphic lenses are used to show that the character Charlie lives in a completely opposite world. This provided a warm and romantic feeling, in contrast to the more modern and digital world of Kat character.



American costume designer Caroline Duncan, known for Servant, Old, Showtime‘s long-running series The Affair and Netflix‘s When They See Us, has prepared 45 different dazzling dresses for Lopez to display. The custom-made wedding dress, called the wedding dress of the century, was designed by the famous Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad and was personally chosen by Jennifer Lopez after seeing it on the runway. One of the features of the 95-pound wedding dress, consisting of eight layers of fabric and five layers of tulle carried by five people, is that it is not white and is rose gold with a lot of metallics.



At the beginning of the movie, the clothes of Kat Valdez character, whose appearance is stylish and monochromatic outside the stage, undergoes a change after meeting Charlie and it is seen that the color palette has changed. Her outfits also reflect her inner change after she started to let go of her defenses when reunited with Charlie. After falling in love, the fabrics the character wears become simpler and the colors softer. Also, Charlie’s world merges with Kat’s world, moving away from black and white to cashmere, pinks and light blues.



Marry Me, which presents the audience with a modern love story about fame, fashion, marriage and social media; It is a fun production that music, romance and comedy lovers should not miss.




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