Written by Efe Teksoy, “DC League of Super-Pets”


Cinema Writer/Film Critic Efe TEKSOY; wrote the action, adventure and comedy animation “DC League of Super-Pets” for America’s Los Angeles based Internet Newspaper @alaturkanews.



Warner Bros. Pictures with a $90 million budget animation “DC League of Super-Pets” is directed by experienced writer of The Lego Movie series and also by his advisor Jared Stern and Sam Levine known for Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (2014), Wreck-It Ralph (2012) and Robot and Monster (2012). It topped the North American box office with $23 million in its opening weekend. This spin-off, where superheroes and pets meet under the same roof, features Krypto and Ace, the lesser known heroes of the DC universe. Superman’s loyal friend Krypto made its first appearance in the Superboy Adventure story of Adventure Comics # 210, a 1955 comic by American author Otto Binder and acclaimed illustrator Curt Swan. Ace, portrayed as Batman’s crime-fighting partner, made its debut in Batman # 92 in 1955 by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff. Production designer Kim Taylor, she says that the design of Metropolis, one of the most recognizable cities in the DC Universe, was inspired by the French art movement Art Deco of the 1920s and ’30s. She also states that mostly gold-colored lights, oranges and blues are used in the color palette to give the city a utopian feel. The unforgettable music of the animation and the melodies as powerful as the superheroes were composed by the American music composer Steve Jablonsky, who made a name for himself with his compositions in Transformers film series. Classic iconic DC tunes were used in the music, as well as in the visuals of the production based on DC Comics comic book history. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, one of the philosophers who gives the highest value to comedy among thinkers, sees comedy as the highest spiritual work of art in The Phenomenology of Spirit. Russian academician Mikhail Bahtin, who is shown as the greatest of modern comedy philosophers, states in Rabelais and His World that laughter is not only about funny events, but also contains a form of knowledge and a deep philosophical meaning. In the subtext of this animation, we see that it has the characteristics of the Fable genre, which aims to teach in literature, and that it gives positive messages that will guide the young audience to the right path by emphasizing the importance of friendship and companionship under satire and comedy. The animation also reminds us that the real superpower is believing in yourself and trusting your friends.



Sharing the same superpowers, the inseparable duo Superman and his loyal friend Krypto the Super Dog together protect the city of Metropolis from evil. When members of the Justice League and Superman are kidnapped, Krypto is forced to forcibly assemble a team of animals from the shelter. Gaining new powers, this street gang will help Krypto save the Super Heroes.

Stars; Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, John Krasinski, Olivia Wilde, Jameela Jamil, Kate McKinnon, Ben Schwartz, Diego Luna, Natasha Lyonne, Jemaine Clement, John Early, Yvette Nicole Brown and Dascha Polanco.



In the post-credits scene of the animation, Black Adam and Anubis are seen. Both are voiced by Dwayne Johnson, who will lead role in the upcoming movie Black Adam (2022). Animation manager Dave Burgess, who states that one of the most difficult issues for the design team is simplicity, says that the characters Krypto and Ace have simple shapes and sharp angles, and it is very difficult to use them in computer animation. Once they got to work, Burgess adds that the fact that Krypto was drawn in cartoons and comics in the past provided ample references to them.Another detail is; During the character design of Metropolis‘s Super Dog Krypto, its nose and face were likened to the letter S of the Superman logo, increasing the bond between the two. In the genres of action, adventure, and comedy, DC League of Super-Pets offers entertainment that fans of superhero production and animation lovers should not miss.


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