Marvel and Disney+ Production “Werewolf by Night” – Movie Critic by Efe Teksoy


Cinema Writer/Film Critic Efe TEKSOY; wrote the action, adventure and horror film “WEREWOLF BY NIGHT” for America’s Los Angeles based Internet Newspaper @alaturkanews.



Marvel Studios‘s short film Werewolf by Night, which was presented for the first time for the Halloween special, was released on the Disney+ platform. Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron wrote the screenplay of the film directed by Oscar-winning American composer Michael Giacchino, who won many awards for his music in various movies, TV series and video games. Despite the production’s vintage film cinematography look and feel, it was actually shot digitally with a black and white filter applied. Also, among the many creative reasons behind the use of filters, the main purpose was to hide blood and gore to avoid TV-MA ratings. Offering 52 minutes of adventure, the film tells the story of a thrilling hunt and chase that takes place at midnight in a fantastic way. Werewolf by Night, which describes the Werewolf theme, one of the cornerstones of classical horror cinema, by blending it with a nostalgic language, also pays homage to it with references to old movies. For example, the camera plays as it goes from black and white to color while hovering in ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. The same effect was used in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Bloodstone, which occupies a special place in the film, first appeared as an object affecting the character of Wendigo in the Marvel comic book The Incredible Hulk #162 in April 1973. In addition, the character of Ted, known as Man-Thing by comic book fans, is entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this production.


A group of monster hunters come together on a dark and gloomy night. After the death of their leader, the gang of hunters gathered in the Bloodstone Temple enter into a mysterious and deadly rivalry. This hunt is an adventure that will bring them face to face with a dangerous beast.

Stars; Gael García Bernal, Laura Donnelly, Kirk R. Thatcher, Harriet Sansom Harris, Eugenie Bondurant, Leonardo Nam, Daniel J. Watts, Al Hamacher, Carey Jones, David Silverman, Rick D. Wasserman, Richard Dixon, Jeffrey Ford and Erik Beck.



The shooting of the movie took place in Atlanta, the capital of the USA state of Georgia, and also in Arizona. Inspired by the horror classics of the 1930s and 40s, Werewolf by Night, in the action, adventure and comedy genre, brings a different breath to horror cinema, on the other hand, offers a thriller that fans of fantastic Marvel productions will appreciate.



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