Ukraine war: Mines and mud slow troops as Russia continues assault on Bakhmut

With soft ground conditions across most of Ukraine, severe mud is most likely to be slowing down forces on both sides of the conflict.

According to the UK Defence Ministry, Russian online outlets could be exaggerating the overall impact of mud on Ukrainian forces in a bid to raise Russian morale and undermine Ukraine’s supporters in light of an anticipated counteroffensive.

Surface conditions are expected to improve in the coming weeks. However, the threat posed by mines could serve to limit soldiers’ off-road manoeuvres, said the UK Defence Ministry.

Meanwhile, Russian forces continue their assault on operations in and around Bakhmut. Ukraine’s General Staff reported that Ukrainian troops repelled 22 Russian attacks in the Bakhmut direction, specifically in Bakhmut city and in Khromove, 2 kilometres northwest of Bakhmut.

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