French President Emmanuel Macron met with protests in Lyon

To limit disruptions amid ongoing opposition to Macron and his contested pension reforms, police banned gatherings around the area of the ceremony in the French capital, and in Lyon where the president travelled later in the day.

In Lyon, several streets were closed to traffic, some parking was prohibited and public transport was disrupted.

Authorities are being vigilant to ensure that a “casserolade” or the loud banging of pots and pans in protest will not distract from the memorial ceremonies.

In Lyon, Macron paid to the French Resistance movement and one of its leaders, Jean Moulin. Macron visited Montluc prison, where the Gestapo detained and tortured Moulin.

Unions called for protests in some authorised zones of Lyon, where clanking pots and pans echoed despite police restrictions. Authorities dispersed the rowdiest elements of the rally with tear gas.

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