Extension of Israel Hamas truce confirmed

Qatar has confirmed the truce between Israel and Hamas will be extended by one day until Friday. 

“The Palestinian and Israeli sides agreed to extend the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip for another day,” Qatar Foreign Ministry spokesperson Majed al-Ansari said in a statement.

Qatar, which has led international mediation efforts, confirmed the extension of the six-day humanitarian pause, which was about to end on Thursday. 

Hamas had already announced early on Thursday the pause would continue for another day, while Israel’s army said the truce continued with ongoing negotiations. 

Al-Ansari said the truce will be conducted under the same conditions as before: Military activities will stop, hostages will be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners at a ratio of three to one and much-needed humanitarian aid will be allowed to flow into Gaza. 

He added the truce would take place “within the framework of the joint mediation of Qatar, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United States.”

The Israel Hamas war was sparked when the Palestinian militant group attacked southern Israel on 7 October. 

In retaliation, Israel vowed to “annihilate” Hamas and began relentlessly bombing the Gaza Strip until a temporary ceasefire was struck on 24 November. 

Both sides have vowed to resume fighting as soon as the deal expires.

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