‘The Europe we want’: Italy’s Democratic Party launches EU elections manifesto

Italy’s opposition Democratic Party has launched its European elections manifesto, committing itself to social and climate justice.

Held at the Foreign Press Headquarters in Rome, the launch of the manifesto – titled “The Europe We Want” – kicked off the party campaign for the upcoming European elections.

The Democratic Party sees itself as an obstacle to Europe’s right-wing surge, in which the governing Brothers of Italy and League parties are both major players.

“We are the only existing obstacle to limit the advance of right-wing parties in Europe,” party secretary Elly Schlein said at the launch. “I ask the EPP: How far do they want to go when they flirt with nationalist parties? They betray their political tradition.”

Schlein also referenced the need for greater inclusion of nontraditional families, and called to continue the battle against gender-based violence.

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