Germany: 2 killed in an armed attack near synagogue

Unidentified gunmen opened fire outside a synagogue and a doner restaurant in eastern Germany, killing two people and injuring two others, local police said on Wednesday.

Halle police spokesman Ralf Karlstedt told reporters that assailants killed a woman on a street outside the synagogue, and a man at the doner restaurant a few hundred meters away.

Eyewitnesses told n-tv television that one of the assailants, who was wearing a military camouflage, first threw an explosive to the door of the doner restaurant and later shot several times with an assault rifle. 

Police warned on Twitter that the assailants fled the scene.  People in the area were advised to stay in their homes. 

Hundreds of special anti-terror police personnel had joined the hunt to arrests suspects in the cities of Halle and Leipzig.


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