UK: House of Commons delays vote on new Brexit deal

British lawmakers on Saturday delayed a “meaningful” vote on e new Brexit deal agreed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU. 

MPs passed an amendment, which forces Johnson to seek for an extension until a Withdrawal Bill is passed in the parliament.

The amendment submitted by a group of MPs led by Oliver Letwin was accepted by 322 votes to 306. 

Johnson will be legally obliged to request a Brexit delay by 11pm today under the terms of Benn act – a law requiring prime minister to request an extension to Brexit deadline.

Johnson said following the vote that he would “not negotiate a delay with the EU and neither does the law compel me to do so.” 

He said he would bring a bill on deal to leave the EU to the parliament next week.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the result. 

“It is an emphatic decision by this house …The prime minister must now comply with the law,” he said.

Johnson was aiming to pass his new deal reached with the EU officials and to depart the country from the block on Oct. 31. 

The Conservative MPs left the House of Commons in a reaction to the latest defeat.

Johnson has negotiated a ne w deal after replacing former premier Theresa May and brought his deal back to parliament after replacing the problematic “backstop” clause of the previous agreement. 

He has insisted that the U.K. would leave with or without a deal on Oct. 31.

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