Italy: Salvini scores historic election win in Umbria


Italy’s far-right politician Matteo Salvini scored a historic win in elections in central region Umbria, which was ruled by the left for half a century.

Donatella Tesei, candidate of centre-right coalition headed by Salvini, on Sunday won 57% of the votes, ahead of Vincenzo Bianconi, candidate of center-left coalition, which is currently ruling Italy, according to Italian ANSA news agency.

In the previous Umbrian regional elections in 2015, center-left had won with 57% and center-right candidate had received 39%.

Commenting on the election results on early Monday, Salvini said on Twitter: “Umbrians gave a good lesson to those who made fun of the Italian people,” referring to the ruling center-left coalition.

He said that the current government does not represent the Italians and the country needs snap elections as soon as possible.

Salvini had triggered a government crisis in August, and the coalition between his League Party and populist Five Star Movement (M5S) ended.

Then, M5S formed a new coalition with center-left Democratic Party in September, which is ruling Italy since then.

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