Venezuela: Guaido announces agenda of new protests


Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido gave start to a new wave of demonstrations against the Maduro government, starting from Monday at the main roads of the country.

The street mobilizations will continue with the support of doctors and nurses on Tuesday, the teachers will join the protest on Wednesday, while students’ movement will take place on Thursday, Guaido tweeted on Sunday.

Guaido also ruled out returning to a negotiation table with President Nicolas Maduro, even under Norway’s mediation.

“Three months ago [the negotiation process] is dead. They killed it, they ran away,” he said in a press conference in capital Caracas, responding to a question on the possibility of reopening the Oslo negotiations.

“We have to end this crisis,” he added, referring to the importance of the new mobilizations that will kick off Monday.

Delegations of Maduro and Guaido took part in Oslo and Barbados, under the mediation of Norwegian government which took initiatives for talks to solve the ongoing political crisis.

The Oslo talks in May bore no fruit, and the sides did not make a clear statement about the content of the Barbados talks held earlier July.

While Guaido maintains his harsh rhetoric against the government since then, Maduro and his delegation considered the dialogue process “successful”.

The two sides scheduled a new round of talks in Barbados early August, but Maduro’s delegation decided not to attend talks over the Guaido’s support for the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela — an executive order freezing all assets belonging to the Venezuelan government.

Guaido threw his support behind the U.S., saying the measures do not go against the Venezuelans, but against “a corrupt regime”.

Since the beginning of the year, Venezuela has been embroiled in political unrest as Maduro and Guaido engaged in a power battle, while the country’s economy has been in precipitous decline following a global downturn in the price of crude oil — the country’s main export.

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