Turkey’s electricity consumption down 1.08% in November

Electricity imports for November from neighboring countries show increase of 25.83% compared to November last year

Turkey’s electricity consumption fell by 1.08% in November compared to the same month of 2018, according to data released by Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

The country’s power consumption reached 23.08 billion kilowatt-hours last month, while electricity production also decreased by 1.89% to reach 22.97 gigawatt-hours compared to November 2018.

Out of November’s total production, 23.63% was generated by natural gas power plants while 19.55% was derived from hydro plants and 25.94% from imported coal.

The share of local coal plants in electricity generation was 19.98%. Wind plants generated 5.81% and the remaining 5.09% came from geothermal, fuel oil and biogas plants.

Last month, Turkey’s electricity imports from neighboring countries increased by 25.83% to stand at 309.34 million kilowatt-hours compared to 245.84 million kilowatt-hours in November 2018.

Exports decreased by 39.03% to 200.41 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Turkey’s total installed power capacity reached 91.07 gigawatts by the end of October 2019, according to official figures.

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