Living life as normal in Utah

Despite much of the country in lockdown, one Utah city remains open with a business-as-usual approach.

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  1. This report isn’t that accurate. While some are not following the directive of the state most are there isn’t half of the normal traffic out theses days. She pointed out workers eating lunch in the parking lot because they have no choice. That company puts 3 workers to a truck and sends them out to do lawn care. The workers have no choice they have to work if they didn’t show up they would be replaced with no way to provide for their families. Until everything is closed down my the county or governor workers have no option because business don’t care if they are putting workers in harm’s way. The few idiots that wanted to party with her are just that idiots.

  2. s a person living in this community, I am highly offended by this article. It is not business as usual here. I have 5 kids who haven’t been to school in a month, no lessons, or activities. No birthday parties or hanging out with their friends besides FaceTime. Golf courses were shut down, mandated by the Governor. Kids Parks are closed, nets taken off pickleball courts. Gyms closed. My husband works from home along with most of my neighbors, who don’t work in the health care industry. And I know many businesses that are struggling during this time. My son had to get stitches and the doctors office was empty. Yes, People can go to the park with their family and do a picnic to get out of the house. No, we aren’t suppose to play on playground equipment. Yes, we can still hike but with social distancing still in play. Many of us have large families. We’ve gone on a bike ride together and with 7 of us it might look like we are just out hanging out with friends, but we are only with family! This article says “it’s business as usual” and then at the end says we can’t wait to get back to business?? It’s obvious that someone doesn’t have all their facts straight. Maybe they needed to find some better resources for their material. I can’t speak for everyone but I know most take this very serious. Besides the fact that our numbers are actually very low, and most of those cases were brought in from surrounding areas. We care about our community and about our nation. We are all making huge sacrifices, emotionally, physically, mentally, and economically and this article is a slap in the face to say otherwise.

  3. With the LDS Church cancelling all their weekly meetings, and holding General Conference without a live audience, it is shocking to see so many Mormons so openly refusing to follow their prophet by refusing to follow his counsel to socially distance. Many of these same Mormons refuse to drink coffee or tea because of health concerns their prophets have brought up, but I guess they don’t have the same faith in President Nelson when he tells them to socially distance themselves.

  4. Fake. Utah is in proactively in lockdown and now has ****the flattest curve in the country**** due to its adherence. What a BS article.

  5. like the man said don’t be a sheep. you my dear woman are out and about talking close to people without a mask? what a hypocrite 😂

  6. I am curious… she is so worried about the people she interviewed… a random few people… but where was the reporters mask and gloves.. because it appeared she wasn’t wearing any either…

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