Derek Chauvin’s Boss Hints at Racist Behavior

George Floyd’s murder Derek Chauvin worked at a nightclub, the nightclub owner who hired him talks about his behavior.

Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez, and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

George Floyd and the former Minneapolis police officer seen in a video with his knee on Floyd’s neck before he died worked at the same nightclub, according to the venue’s former owner. Derek Chauvin and Floyd worked security at the El Nuevo Rodeo club, down the street from Minneapolis’ Third Precinct, according to Maya Santamaria, the club’s former owner who sold the venue within the last few months. Floyd, who Santamaria called a “great guy” known for his big smile, often worked as an extra security guard on Tuesdays when the club held popular “urban” music nights. Chauvin served as an off-duty police officer for the club for almost 17 years. “I wouldn’t characterize them as knowing each other,” Santamaria told CNN’s Josh Campbell in an interview. “We did all work together at the club at different points of time, certainly on Tuesday nights on and off. We were all working on the same team.”

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