(Part 4) The Trek: A Migrant Trail to America | The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh, travels with a group of migrants as they make the arduous trek on foot through Central and South America. The journey through the Darien Gap is a perilous jungle crossing between Colombia and Panama that many migrants must face as they head north to seek asylum in the United States. Over five harrowing days, Paton Walsh hikes the full 66-mile roadless route, documenting the heroism of everyday people, milked for cash by drug cartels and unwanted by any country, as they battle the dense rainforest in search of a better life. Watch 'The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper' Sundays at 8PM ET on CNN.
Watch all parts of the documentary here:
Part 1: https://bit.ly/3mEkOBC
Part 2: https://bit.ly/3KJTDNO
Part 3: https://bit.ly/40epxYc
Part 4: https://bit.ly/3GJDTcw
Part 5: https://bit.ly/3oeKLbk #NickPatonWalsh #TheWholeStory #andersoncooper

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