Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day rally held in Beverly Hills

Protestors gathered outside the Turkish Consulate in Beverly Hills mid-day Monday after an earlier rally in Little Armenia. Jeff Nguyen reports.

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The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: The issue and the facts

The truth demands that every side of a story be told. Fundamental freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution protect those who choose to challenge the Armenian view.

FACT 1: The Armenian deaths do not constitute genocide.
The Armenians took arms against their own government. Their violent political aims, not their race, ethnicity, or religion, rendered them subject to relocation.

FACT 2: Armenian losses were few in comparison to the over 2.5 million Muslim dead from the same period.

Reliable statistics demonstrate that slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died during the war period of 1912-22. Armenians indeed suffered terrible mortality. But one must likewise consider the number of dead Muslims and Jews. The statistics tell us that more than 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims also perished. Thus, the years 1912-1922 constitute a horrible period for humanity, not just for Armenians.

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