One Piece – Netflix – Review by Efe Teksoy


Cinema Writer/Film Critic Efe TEKSOY; wrote the fantastic, adventure and action series “ONE PIECE”,  for America’s Los Angeles-based Internet Newspaper @alaturkanews.


Netflix series One Piece, created by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, is a live-action adaptation of the popular manga of the same name by Japanese artist Eiichiro Oda. For the series, which has been eagerly awaited by the fans for a long time, the production company allocated a substantial budget of $ 18 million per episode and signed one of the biggest productions in the recent period. The series broke records in its first week after premiere on August 31, it became Netflix’s number 1 series in 84 countries, surpassing the record of Stranger Things and Wednesday. Like its subtly humorous pop-culture taste and cult-movie reference manga, the Netflix adaptation makes references to Greek and Scandinavian mythologies, opening the door to a deep and multidimensional fantasy world for fans. Netflix’s One Piece production, to the audience The Pirates of the Caribbean series, which takes the pirate adventure genre to a whole new level, presents a fantasy-child version (and a bit of manga sauce) story. Young pirate Monkey D. Luffy, with his famous straw hat and his quirky and crazy crew, embarks on an epic journey to find a great treasure. Stars; Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Mackenyu, Vincent Regan, Morgan Davies, Aidan Scott, Armand Aucamp, Jacob Romero, Jeff Ward, and Taz Skylar.


The story initially presents the viewer with the atmosphere of a Devine Hunt, as in the leading adventure works of children’s literature such as Robert Louis Stevenson‘s Treasure Island and Robert Michael Ballantyne‘s The Coral Island. But then, as the adventure progresses, the series evolves into different dimensions, switching between genres. For example, the circus sequence of the pirate clown Buggy character almost resembles the wild and frightening naturalistic horror shows and melodramatic performances of the Grand Guignol theater founded by Oscar Méténier in Paris in 1897.


Legendary actor Ian McShane, the narrator of the series who started the magic adventure and channeled the action, carries this fascinating fantasy adventure to a completely different universe with his deep and charismatic voice. In the opening sequence of the series, he opens the adventure by telling the audience that the Grand Line that started the Age of Pirates and its legendary treasure is of great importance in the story. This precious treasure, which will bring the title of Pirate King to the person who finds it in its hiding place, is actually based on the concepts of Paradise and immortality in British mythology.

It strengthens the utopian belief that the earth will bring mankind a golden age and a paradise of happiness. In addition, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, who draw a different pirate profile from the usual pirates, guide the young audience with concepts such as freedom, courage, and morality and aim to guide them to the right path.




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