Four dead in Israeli hit on UNRWA school, including two children

In southern Gaza, at least seven people, including women and children have been killed in their home which has been targeted by the Israeli army in Rafah.
In central Gaza, four Palestinians, also including children, have been killed by an Israeli strike on a UN school. Dozens more are injured at the school where hundreds of displaced Gazans have been sheltering. In the past week, Israel strikes have killed more than 520 Gazans and destroyed at least 13,000 houses.
Benjamin Netanyahu has long called for the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees to be shut down. Many in Israel believe UNWRA's very existence lends support to the idea Palestinians have a right to return to their lands. As children die of malnutrition and dehydration, the agency's chief says Israel is denying Gazans life-saving aid, and that UNWRA itself is under threat. Phillipe Lazzarni has been speaking to the Security Council.
Claire Herriot reports on the disagreements between Israel and UNRWA.

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