Why Lord Kirkhope, a Conservative peer, opposes the UK’s Rwanda policy | The InnerView

Lord Timothy Kirkhope is no friend of the Labour Party, but is aligned with them on one major issue.
He says Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government's policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is wrong and does not align with international conventions.

The UK politician has served as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and held various senior positions within the Conservative Party.

With migration at the forefront in the run-up to the election, Kirkhope reflects on the politics surrounding immigration in the UK, the impact of Brexit and the rise of populist nationalism globally.

00:00 Migration turmoil ahead of the elections
02:04 The Rwanda policy
04:07 Is the Rwanda bill illegal?
05:47 The immigration issue in Britain
06:47 “Stop the boats!”
08:06 “I am a Conservative!”
09:10 Brexit, the EU, and immigration
10:23 Nationalism around the world
12:13 Nigel Farage and the Reform Party
13:26 Social media
14:18 General elections
15:46 Britain's place in the world
17:50 Lord Kirkhope’s political career
19:34 David Cameron
20:29 The Gaza war
21:58 ICC warrant for Netanyahu
22:28 Political pressure on the ICC

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